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SOS also provides peer matches for individuals with disabilities, extended family members or professionals.

Sharing Our Strengths

"I have found that for those just starting out, knowing that you have another parent to talk to you that has sailed that rough water, been on that emotional roller coaster, and everything in between is a life saver!"
- Bev, an SOS mentor

What Is SOS?

Welcome to Sharing Our Strength's (SOS), Missouri's parent to parent/peer support network for parents of children with developmental disabilities or special healthcare needs, individuals with disabilities, and professionals. You may have questions and concerns about dealing with your child's needs and your own feelings. You are not alone. We have been there. Let us be there for you.

An SOS mentor is a parent who has had experiences or concerns similar to those you are having now. They have been there.

Your SOS mentor is there for you to talk to. You can share your feelings, frustrations, or celebrations. They are there to listen with an open heart and open mind. Remember, they have had experiences similar to yours!

There are several ways to start the matching process:

  • Call us toll free at
  • Email us with your request
  • Fill out our online application form

After we receive your request, we will ask you a few questions about your situation, and talk to you about what kind of a match you would like.

If you are a good listener; if you are willing to share your experiences with others; and if you have time to make a few phone calls or send a few emails, then you can become a volunteer SOS mentor.

We do require that mentors complete our orientation program either by attending a group Mentor Orientation session or by making  individual special arrangements. 

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