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Sharing Our Strengths (SOS) is a division of the Missouri Developmental Disability Resource Center (MODDRC). The MODDRC is a network of support options, providing information, peer support, and volunteer opportunities, so that individuals with developmental disabilities and their families are well informed, hopeful, connected within their communities, and are aware that they are not alone in their experience with disability.

We have had some great support which helped us move things forward very quickly.

SOS serves as Missouri’s parent to parent/peer support provider. Any SOS or MODDRC service can be accessed at any time by individuals, families, or professionals, and as often as needed.


If you have any questions about Sharing Our Strengths Support Matching Network or if you want to participate in our program, please contact us by mail, phone or email: Or you can learn more about us before sending us a message.

Jane St. John
Institute for Human Development, UCE
2220 Holmes, Room 342
Kansas City, MO 64108

816.235.5684 (Kansas City)
1-800-773-8652 (toll free)
816.235.1762 (fax)


Are you the parent of a child with developmental disabilities or special health care needs?
Do you feel like no one else understands the feelings and changes you are going through?
Would you like to talk with another parent, family member, or self-advocate with a similar situation?
Do you need information related to your child’s (or your own) special needs?
Would you like to be part of a network of support, provided by other parents, self-advocates or professionals who have “been there” and will listen to you with an open heart and an open mind?
Would you like information on support groups or other types of support?
You can request a SOS parent to parent match and be connected to another parent who will share their experiences with you, listen to you, and help you by providing information and emotional support.

Thanks for your Support!

We shopped around quite a bit and found to have he letter style we needed. Along with their mounting package it made the process of installation a breeze.

Also thanks to the March of Dimes for helping us with some advice on getting our organization moving forward.

There was also some great information from Google that helped us run a small advertising campaign and attract some donors.

* SOS also provides peer matches for individuals with disabilities, extended family members or professionals.